Angular Pulse Converter ... angular synchronization of electrical bench with all the measuring instruments and the engine computer.

The APC rack is adapted to generate the synchronization signals from the components of an engine as well as those required for the measuring devices of a gasoline or diesel fuel injection test bench. All these signals are fully programmable.

  • In external mode, it can be integrated into a test bench and be synchronized to the signals delivered by a variable reluctance sensor or an incremental encoder. From this primary speed, it can provide in any ratio or multiple external: PCA is used to set the speed ratio pump / cam, often useful case when the injection pump is not running at the speed cam engine. The parameters can be easily adjusted to meet your specific needs.
  • In internal mode, it generates its own signals independently using an internal clock. As a standalone signal generator, PCA generates the following timing signals 1 / rev, 3600 / rev, N1 / rev, N2 / rev, the camshaft and crankshaft signals to synchronize the engine ECU.
  • All signals are fully programmable via the WinAPC software.