6-channel IPoD piezo

Power control module in multiplexed mode for 6 piezoelectric injectors.

The 6-way piezo IPoD is a power control module in multiplexed mode for 6 injectors using piezo technology. It has different modes of driving and advanced features that allow it to adapt to most injectors on the market. The module has 3 driving modes to suit the specific requirements of each injector: Control by a single peak current, multi-pulse control, constant current control.

  • Control of up to 6 injectors in multiplexed mode.
  • Sync with integrated pump.
  • Opening and closing voltages of injector adjustable of -200 to 200 V.
  • Adjustable max driving current from -20 to +20 A
  • Adjustable current slope from 0.1 A/us to 10 A/us
  • Injection frequency up to 5 injections per revolution
    at 3000 revolutions / minute.
  • Control of all injection parameters with a graphical interface.
  • Stand-alone unit with internal pulse generator to drive the 6 injectors.
  • Fully protected (temperature, power, short circuit ...).
  • Can be controlled by an external unit (ICU).