A semi-automatic production bench for full characterization of urea injectors.

PUR test bench is designed for production testing of urea injectors. Due to its fully stainless steel frame, it allows the testing of injectors using different fluids: water, distilled water or urea.
It will help you develop and produce your SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) for reducing nitrogen oxide emission levels (NOx).

  • Automatic connection of the injector
  • Feeding fluid management with adjustment of the inlet pressure and outlet pressure or vacuum, depending on the test step
  • Installation of MIQ flowmeter (Mono Injector Qualifier) for injector leaks
  • Optional leak flow measurement with continuous flowmeter (VSE)
  • Installing a LPF flowmeter (Low Pressure Flowmeter) for injector with no leak.
  • Provision of specific adapters to suit your needs.
  • The whole is driven by software with independent measurement cabinet for automatic test.