An endurance bench for the aging test of up to 12 injectors simultaneously

The ETB system designed for endurance testing of injectors, allows you to program the aging cycles of injectors and especially their driving coils and monitor their operating conditions.
It consists of a measuring bench receiving up to 12 injectors and a test cabinet including the PC that will run the software.The test consists in subjecting the injector coil to current pulses imposed on a programmable cycle and for a significant period of operation. The total number of drive pulses applied by the injector control modules IPoD type is configurable by the user at the beginning of the test.
Prolonged operation of the injector involves the use of a test fluid conditioning station designed around a high-pressure pump, the same force-fed by standard fluid through a low pressure pump.

  • The bench allows mounting of 12 injectors, supplying them with high pressure up to 2000 bar and controling the current in the conditions of operation of the vehicle.
  • A capacity of 250 cm3 accumulates high pressure test fluid and distributes it to three car common rails simulating the actual operation of the vehicle.
  • The 12 injectors can be instrumented with several sensors to monitor their functioning and aging.