Automatic or semi-automatic test bench for common rail injectors characterization.

The PCR test bench designed for production tests of common rail injectors, allows you to determine test cycles according to your needs with maximum flexibility.
It is ideal to check the volumes injected shot by shot by the injector on multiple operating points through the use of high-precision flowmeters like MIQ (Mono Injector Qualifier) and IFR (Injection Flow and Rate). The installation of 6 meters in the cab allows the test of 6 injectors at a time.

  • The software used allow the creation and management of recipe. Depending on your product, the appropriate test cycle is initiated
  • At the end of the cycle, all tests are stored in a database to ensure full traceability.
  • An Ethernet connection for data consultation and installation of test cycles for new products are standard features
  • A bar code or data matrix reader can also be installed to simplify the product identification process (option).
  • Depending on the required production, the bench can be manual, semi-automatic or automatic.