Two powerful softwares: the fully controlled picture processing chain

The SprayAcq software

The software allows to acquire Alpha and Lambda images of the injection jets. It manages the entire INJETVISION system. All these controls are available from the main screen. The software automates a complete sequence of jets images acquisitions. It controls:

  • the control pulse of the injector,
  • the pressure in the vision chamber,
  • the pressure in the rail,
  • the position of the jet deflector,
  • the rotation of the injector,
  • two cameras for shooting jets bottom and side.

The SprayAnalyser software

The SprayAnalyser software can automatically study the evolution of morphological parameters of jets from petrol or diesel injectors. It complements the SprayAcq image acquisition software. All of the image processing chain is thus controlled from acquisition to image processing and formatting of the results.

  • Penetration of a jet
  • Penetration rate of a jet
  • Opening angle of a jet
  • Jet surface
  • Volume of a jet
  • Symmetry
  • Layer angle of a jet in Lambda view
  • Lambda angle of a jet in Lambda view
  • Alpha angle of a jet
  • Inter jet angle
  • Circularity.