Flash disk ... microsecond lighting to freeze the injector jets.

The flash disk is used to view an injector jet within a INJETVISION pressure chamber. It provides great light output while benefiting from a high efficiency for very short control durations. Of monolithic design, it can be integrated directly under the injector in the 50 bars pressurized chamber or outside this one..

  • The quality of lighting provides images of injection jets with great sharpness by investing in the optical quality of cameras and lenses rather than their speed.
  • The duration of illumination of only 1 microsecond is thus possible to accurately fix the jet at a time T.
  • Power management is optimized thanks to EFS 1820 control box.
  • Mounted at injector tip level, due to its thinness, it can work in ombroscopy in Alpha mode.
  • Its fixing by three magnetized feet, adjustable in height, adjusts precisely the disc surface under the nose of the injector, this one being upright or tilted.