MIQ : MONO INJECTOR QUALIFIER ... the worldwide reference of instantaneous flowmeter for automotive injector characterization.

Natural successor to the EMI2, the MIQ flowmeter meets the current market requirements for diesel injection systems with low consumption and pollution levels. Different models are available for use on vehicle like cars, trucks, construction equipment, trains and boats.

Guaranteeing perfect accuracy and repeatability of your application, the MIQ meter will adapt to each type of injection technology commercially available. It is closely related to the actual operation of the engine giving you the development of optimum combustion.

To optimize the timing and measure all injection characteristics, the MIQ has an input for measuring the opening delay of the injector.

  • It can control up to 5 injections per revolution to ensure optimal synchronization between the control and measurement.
  • The MIQ rack is a stand-alone device, complete with screen and keyboard for easy adjustment and control.
  • In the case of an installation in a test bench, xMIQ dedicated software performs data acquisition and provides detailed analysis of the measurement results.
  • This equipment is robust and reliable, designed for use in harsh environments of production.