IFR 600

Injection Flow and Rate 600 ... the shot by shot flowmeter for the simultaneous measurement of the injected mass and the injection rate.

IFR model is a sensor for measuring volume or injection masses but also the shot by shot injection flow rate. It controls the high-energy systems fitted in modern diesel or gasoline engines. It is ideal in the context of research and development or for injectors production applications because it provides a very detailed analysis of the injector (SRC: Selective Catalytic Reduction).

Market: cars, trucks, motorcycles, construction equipment, boats, generators.

  • This instantaneous mass flowmeter allows you to measure up to 10 shots per revolution
  • Only one device is needed to measure simultaneously the amount injected and the injection law.
  • It replaces the piston flowmeters and systems called "Bosch tubes" on test benches.
  • It offers ultra fast and accurate measurements of all injection parameters at every revolution: amount injected, injection law and opening / closing delay via xIFR dedicated software.
  • It provides an instantaneous measurement, minimum, maximum and standard deviation of all the parameters you need.