IFR 6000

Injection Flow and Rate 6000 ... the ideal flowmeter for measuring the instantaneous injection volumes up to 6000 mm3 per revolution and the injection rate.

The IFR 6000 model (Injection Flow and Rate) is a device for measuring the volume or injection masses but also the shot by shot injection rate. It controls the high-energy systems installed on diesel and heavy oil engines.

It is designed to measure the instantaneous flow of large and very large injection volumes. It is perfectly suited to a context of research and development or for injectors production applications because it provides a very detailed analysis of the injector.

Market: trains, ships, power plants.

  • The volume injected can reach 6000 mm3 per rev.
  • This instantaneous mass flowmeter allows you to measure up to 10 shots per rev.
  • Only one device is needed to measure simultaneously the amount injected and the injection rate. The analog input function lets you synchronize the injection with another acquisition.
  • Ultra-fast and ultra-precise measurements of all injection parameters are provided in each revolution: injection amount, injection rate and opening / closing delay via xIFR dedicated software.
  • The IFR 6000 provides an instantaneous measurement, minimum, maximum and standard deviation of all the parameters you need.
  • A study of evolution towards a measure of injection volume to
    15 000 mm3 is underway