A high-performance bench for a very specific morphological analysis of the fuel or diesel injection spray.

The ITV test bench, designed primarily for research and development applications, automatically analyzes gasoline or diesel injection sprays through the INJETVISION image processing system. It offers all the advantages of a high performance test bench as well as the deep analysis of the spray provided by the INJETVISION system. It can also be used for the test sample in a production and / or quality application. What sets the bench INJETVISION competitive is its ability to provide shot by shot and over time measurements (cycles can be programmed to last for several hours).

  • The INJETVISION system not only gives you the complete morphological analysis of the jet, but its reliability over time
  • Throughout the process of analysis, pressure changes or changes over time can be studied with the mean and standard deviation of the batch of images acquired for each condition.
  • INJETVISION incorporates a fog extraction system without chamber decompression so that each injection takes place in identical, neutral conditions, giving you reliable and reproducible information without consumption of the inert gas used for back pressure.