From a standard test bench, customized adaptation to your specifications..

The test bench ITB gives you the maximum flexibility for your research and development applications. You can choose a manual driving mode to view the effect of a changed parameter instantly or automatic mode, where the fully programmable cycles give you detailed information about several parameters at a time.
Whatever your need, the task will be facilitated by a simple and intuitive software interface, allowing you to switch between modes, change settings, focus on specific parameters or test results process.That allows you to test the entire injection system.

Test of the injector

  • Injector mapping (MAP)
  • Measurement of instantaneous injected flow (volume and mass) in instantaneous value,
  • Measure averaged value and cumulative value up to 10 shots per revolution
  • Injection rate (IFR)
  • Measure of injectors opening and closing time
  • Study driving the coil or piezo injector (IPod)
  • Study of the jet injector (penetration, opening angle, area, volume ...).
  • Measuring injectors leak: temperature and leakage rate in g/min of the injector.

Pump Test

  • Pump driving (common rail, unit pump, in-line pump, distributor pump ...)·
  • Measurement of the pump capacity (maximum flow rate)
  • Clogged pump inlet filter simulator
  • Pump Torque Measurement
  • Measurement of pump input and output flow

High pressure customer rail test

  • Test of the safety valve of the customer high pressure rail
  • Checking the pressure sensor mounted on the customer high-pressure rail.

Test of the injector with an EFS high pressure rail

  • Generating a stable pressure at the input of the injectors carried out by an HP rail 500 cm3.
  • Several rail volumes are available
  • Achievement of test up to 3000 bars
  • Test customer pressure sensor with the reference rail.